Emotion 3D Web Edition

Emotion 3D Web Edition 1.5

Automatically creates animations for art (See all)
Anark Corporation
Create animations for static images by automatically processing them and generating rollover buttons, animated GIFs, animated 3D clipart, videos files in the AVI format, etc. The suite features such basic effects as run, bounce, bow, spin, rotation, deformation, etc.

Web Edition automatically animates your art (see screen shot). It allows you to easily create rollover buttons, animated GIFs, animated 3D clipart, and more. It takes your favorite2D or 3D artwork and instantly makes it run, bounce, bow, spin, or laugh. Emotion 3D utilizes Anark's revolutionary new animation engine, AniMesh. This technology gives the power to create professional quality animations to everyone from the beginner level user to the professional web content developer. You can choose from over 60 separate animation behaviors that can be manipulated to create a virtuallyunlimited number of unique animations. The wizard-style interface guides users through the program. It includes effects, such as drop shadows, glows, outlines, and more. Export beautiful, fully anti-aliased, optimized GIFs, JPEGs, and TIFFs.

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